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DE State Massage Therapy Bill - HB35


On Thursday, June 22, the House passed Delcollo's Senate Amendment 2 for HB 35. Next Stop will be Governor Carney's Office for signage into Law (date unknown at this time.)

House Bill 35 (HB35) was introduced on January 12th, 2017 by Bill Sponsor - Representative Short.

HB 35 creates a requirement for Massage Businesses to obtain a Massage Establishment License and to have a Licensed Massage Professional-In-Charge during Operating Hours. HB 35 also allows Division of Professional Regulation (DPR) Inspectors and Law Enforcement Officers to perform “no notice inspections”.

HB 35 has pages of specific code additions/changes that impact the Massage Industry, the Public receiving Massages, and the Small Businesses Owners providing massages.

Please read the HB 35 Carefully (links provided below). The intent of the Bill has been stated to provide a means to Stop Illicit Massage Therapy Businesses and Stop Human Trafficking. Unfortunately, HB 35’s current proposed language will harm the General Public’s rights to privacy and safety to receive Massage and Bodywork.

Please contact Governor Carney Today with link provided below and voice your concerns with HB 35.


On March 30th, 2017 - HB 35 passed the House of Representatives with several House Amendments. On June 15th, HB 35 passed the Senate with all Amendments (House and Senate). On June 22nd, HB 35 passed the House with the new Senate Amendment #2.

Please read Letters sent to Senators, Letters provided by Massage Professional Groups (AMTA and ABMP), and News Links for additional information on HB 35.

May all be well for a “win win” outcome and protecting the Public, well-being of Clients, and successful Small Business Operations.

Find Your Legislator

Please write/call your State Legislator. Currently the Bill Resides on the Senate Floor - Ready for Vote. Click here to find your Delaware State Legislators, and type in your home address. Thank you.

HB 35 State of Delaware Documents

Letter and Statements

Massage Professional Groups (AMTA and ABMP)

News Links