Massage Services

Swedish Massage

A soothing massage that helps to relax tired muscles and reduce stress in the body. This technique helps to increase circulation, eliminate toxins, and tone muscles/skin. This relaxing massage helps clients to escape the worries of the day and rekindle the spirit.

Cayce/Reilly Massage

Modified Swedish massage based on Edgar Cayce’s health readings and developed by Dr. Harold J. Reilly, D.Ph.T., D.S. This technique helps to optimize the body’s physiology by improving blood and lymph circulation, by increasing range of motion and joint mobility, and by allowing removal of toxins through key lymphatic drainage areas.


A gentle technique for a fully-clothed client lying on the massage table. This technique works with the nervous system by monitoring the rhythm of the cerebral spinal fluid in the spinal column. The goal is to find blocked areas and help the body to unwind and bring it back to a balanced state. May provide relief for Headaches, Sinus Pressure, and Carpal Tunnel Syndrome.

Trigger Point Releases

This technique identifies muscle tension and holds pressure into these areas. By meeting the muscle resistance and letting the muscles melt into relaxation, the body can return to a balanced state. This technique helps most clients find relief with their shoulder, neck, and back tension.

Auto Injury

Nobody likes being involved in a car accident. The initial impact may cause soft tissue damage in your body tissues and begin to appear within the first six weeks. There are several massage techniques that help relieve this soft tissue damage throughout your body. Rekindled Spirits will bill your Auto Insurance directly, so you can receive the therapeutic massage necessary to regain your balance again. Please contact Rekindled Spirits for further details.

Reiki Sessions

An ancient Japanese healing technique for stress reduction and relaxation, Reiki (pronounced ray-key) channels the unlimited supply of “Universal Life Force Energy” to improve health and enhance the quality of life. The fully-clothed client is lying on the massage table. Traditional hand positions are used to rest lightly on or above the client to provide deep relaxation, healing, and overall balance. Reiki Classes available too - please Contact Rekindled Spirits for further details and class dates.

Prenatal Massage

Expecting mothers can relax face down with a “body cushion” system that provides support for the baby. This technique helps to sooth muscle tightness in the back and shoulders from carrying the baby. Swollen feet and ankles are massaged to reduce edema. Mothers are education on trigger points that can be used during labor.