Testimonials from Rekindled Spirits Clients

baby Eva Rose

"I received a prenatal massage from Joan of Rekindled Spirits, she was amazing. I was very stressed out with the pregnancy and she worked on my many trigger points relaxing my body. I was very close to my due date and wanted to get my labor moving, she gently massaged some of the pressure points that assist in labor and showed my husband how massage them as well. I was so relaxed after the session, my husband and I were able to spend some much need quality time together eating and talking. Within an hour or so of the session, I went into active labor and delivered my child the same day. My labor was relaxed and nearly painless. I contribute that to the work that Joan did in releasing the stress I was feeling which allowing my body physically and mentally "do what it needed to do". Thank you, Joan!"

Aubria Phillips – New Castle, DE – Client since July 2012

"I am a 4th round cancer survivor, and I can truly say that hands-on massage had a healing effect on my body and psyche. Joan has certainly given me a great deal of body comfort that does relieve my tight muscles. Having a massage would definitely help many patients."


"Recently, I had abdominal surgery to remove a tumor. The surgery was stressful and held in my neck muscles. When Joan massages these muscles, my sleep is improved. After surgery, your body needs to release the chemicals (anesthesia). I do feel massage helps improve circulation which in turn helps remove the toxins."

Christine, BSN

"In 2012, I was diagnosed with breast cancer which began the journey of chemo-treatments, a mastectomy and radiation. Your body, the treatments, and the cancer are at war with each other. You are stressed in a new way. The oncology massage by Joan, which is tailored to your specific situation, eased the stress and left me at peace and relaxed. It should be done as often as possible."


"I was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2008 and began getting massages from Joan soon after. After my surgery, I had extensive rounds of chemotherapy and radiation. The bodywork Joan did on me helped me to relax, reduced the tension in my back and shoulders and helped me sleep better. It made a real difference in my recovery."


"As a fitness enthusiast and nurse, I was quite frustrated from the effects of whiplash. No one would listen to my complaints or get close to my neck muscles. When I found Joan, she listened and her hands “melted” trigger points in my neck, shoulders, and arms. Thanks to Joan, I’m back to enjoying my physical fitness again."

Aimee, RN, MSN

"I work with injured people who have suffered musculoskeletal injuries. I know from personal experience how beneficial massage therapy is for such injuries. My mother and I were in a car accident. With Joan’s keen ability to know exactly where the pain came from, both Mom and I made a great recovery by having massage only. It is a non-invasive way to decrease muscle spasms and ease a person who is experiencing pain."

Rita, Paralegal

"Stress is a fact for many lawyers. My life is no exception. I have sought relief through mediation, systematic relaxation, yoga, and jogging. Each had value, but wanted to try therapeutic massage. I spent one hour with Joan. She is consummate professional who understands both the theory and technique. By the end of that hour, I experienced a sense of quiet bliss and general well-being that lasted for days. Well, done Joan. Looking forward to my next session. "

Dennis, Attorney

"I was in MVA in 2012, resulting with neck and back strain. I tried many modalities to help relieve the pain and muscle spasms, but nothing worked. My doc recommended Massage Therapy and a friend recommended Joan. She has worked wonders! She targets the trigger spots that cause the tension, while increasing circulation to the muscles to help flexibility. She has “healing hands”."

Cheryl, RN, BSN

"My job keeps me in front of a computer for many hours, which causes tightness in my neck and shoulders and often causes severe pain with debilitating headaches. I decided to try Reiki to reduce stress and help bring healing to this area. My experience with Joan was very calming and relaxing. I had more mobility in my shoulder and neck muscles which lasted for weeks. Joan is amazing and knows what is needed for my well-being."

Cindy, Database Developer Management

"From the very first Reiki session received from Joan, I was hooked. The spiritual connection felt during my first couple sessions was the reason I decided to learn more about Reiki with Joan as my teacher. I went through a major health crisis and Reiki has taught me to bring my mind/body into unison to overcome the impacts of stress."

Donna, Reiki Level 2 Practitioner

"I have been receiving Massage and Reiki from Joan for several years now. The sensation of healing and complete relaxation, along with heightened sense of well-being derived from the Reiki session, is a welcome and essential part of the experience. I have a high stress role at work, and Joan’s therapy plays a crucial role in allowing me to be on top of my game. "

Paul, Info Technology Management

"With 21 years of Reiki’s Level 1 experience, I decided to complete my Reiki training with Joan’s expert guidance. My husband also attended the Reiki classes. Currently as a couple, we teach Reiki and host Reiki Shares, which is a very satisfying experience for us. Reiki is a unique form of touch therapy that promotes relaxation and well- being. Sharing this process with others has expanded our own appreciation for Reiki. "

Kim and Mark, Reiki Masters

"After a recent hospital stay I was left with an achy body and headache, in spite of being healed from the primary illness. Joan came to my home the day after my release for a 90 minute massage. It was exactly what I needed to really feel well again. Time with Joan is healing at so many levels - physically, spiritually, and mentally. She is an exceptional healer, kind soul, and an intelligent and level-headed woman. I am truly blessed to have her on my wellness team!"

Gay – Newark, DE – Client since June 2010

"I travel a lot in my job, and I look forward to a Hot Stone Massage. I can relax my mind, body and spirit as Joan works with hot stones for the best hour I have every two weeks. It’s my way to stay refreshed, relaxed and sane in this crazy world."

Pete – Newark, DE – Client since December 2006

"I have a very stressful job and carry my stress in my upper shoulders and my back. I started getting monthly massages from Joan about 5 years ago. I would be in pain all the time. Joan has been able to keep my back and neck from aching and knotting up. Her techniques and her personality are fabulous. She really cares about what she does and makes sure her clients receive the care that they need."

Nancy – Middletown, DE – Client since December 2004

"I have been receiving massages from Joan for Rekindled Spirits for the last couple of years, including some hot stone massages. Joan is excellent, providing tremendous stress relief and a soothing, relaxed atmosphere, that always leaves me feeling refreshed - I would highly recommend a massage soon!

Paul – Middletown, DE – Client since February 2008

"Treat yourself to a massage by Joan Gennarini; you will never want to go anywhere else. Joan makes you feel comfortable right off the bat, she talks with you about any aches and pains but also about the style of massage you have gotten in the past before she starts. Each time I have a massage, I can feel my stress levels lowered immediately and it lasts long after the session. In addition, I have had many knots and kinks worked out without feeling any pain afterwards. I just feel more loose, more relaxed and in less pain. This is a treat that really improves your life."

Carolyn – Newark, DE – Client since October 2009

I would be 10X more stressed if I didn’t have a massage by Joan. I feel great after a relaxing yet rejuvenating session with her. I would recommend her to anyone!

Lisa – Middletown, DE – Client since October 2009

"A gift certificate for an in-home massage was the perfect present for my husband. He’s always so relaxed after a massage, but then he has to drive home. Joan came to our house, set everything up and gave him a hot stone massage in the comfort and privacy of our own home. And when she was finished she packed everything up and drove away, and he was able to bask in the warmth and joy of the experience."

Robin – Middletown, DE – Client since December 2009

"I moved to Middletown, DE from Ohio a little over two years ago. I work in Washington, DC, near the capitol, and make the daily commute. It takes me approximately 6 hours a day. ( yes, that's 3 hours one way ). Hard to believe, but having two young children, wanted a community to raise the kids that my wife and I could be proud of. Middletown has a small town charm, good schools, and a growing community that has virtually everything we wanted. I think one of the best kept secrets in Middletown is Joan who works on the second floor of the Purple Sage. She appropriately calls her space "Rekindled Spirits" because that is what occurs after you see her. My wife and I ( especially me ), have utilized her healing touch and soothing massages. Taking the train for two hours and driving to the train station for an hour wreak havoc on my back and neck ( not to mention, the daily stress of the job and children ). After an hour with Joan, the stresses and pains literally fade away. If you have stress, or aches and pains in your life, I highly recommend Joan and getting your spirits rekindled."

Brian – Middletown, DE – Client since January 2009

"I was looking for something a little different to do for my mother's birthday. My mother was in the advanced stages of Alzheimers Disease and finding a gift that was meaningful or might connect with her was getting difficult. Making things more difficult was the fact that I lived out of state. My sister, who lived locally, was the primary caregiver, and I was looking for a way I could contribute more. Through visits with my mother, I knew that she actually still loved to have her hands and arms rubbed, so I decided to get her an upper body massage. I actually contacted Joan through a recommendation from another area massage therapist who I had used previously. When I contacted Joan, I was immediately impressed with her desire to find out about my mom as a person in order to determine what massage techniques and services would be the most beneficial and pleasurable. Joan took the time to talk to me about her background, training, and experience and made me feel very comfortable. Joan also directed me to her very informative website. I was so impressed with my initial contact with Joan that I scheduled another session for my mom about two months later and eventually scheduled a monthly session up until her death. Following each and every session, Joan took the time to contact me and describe the session to me including what my mother was wearing and relaying anything that she might have said. This information made me feel as though I was there and was very comforting. I have never observed Joan at work nor have I ever talked to her in person, but I do know that I can trust her. During the monthly therapy sessions, Joan would take the time to relay her observations regarding my mother's physical condition and care. This information was very valuable to my sister and me as we endeavored to make sure that my mother was receiving the proper care. Joan didn't need to relay these observations, but it was because of her genuine concern for my mother's well being, she brought them to my attention. Bottom line, Joan truly cared about my mom. I felt it and I could trust it and that meant the world to me. What else could you ask for? Thank you Joan!

Steve - Dallas, TX - Client since December 2008